Why not follow me as I work my way through John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success 60 day Program.

Yes, I was following the program a few years back on two separate occasions but life events just got in the way on both occasions. At that time it was a 12-month course but the new course is just 60 days. I am hoping that life will allow me to complete the 60-day course and come out the other side with a much better knowledge of how I can produce my own products.

I first started the course back in October 2016 and after a short illness restarted in July 2017 but I was laid low again in December of 2017. From then until now I have looked at a few things on the internet before deciding to renew my membership in November 2020.

Now I am back with a renewed vigour and determined to stay with the program no matter what this time. Of course, there have been some changes while I have been away, not least the OptomisePress version now being used. Because of the time I was away, it is just the same as starting from the beginning again. My original posts can be seen on https://derekbarrington.com/blog

For those that don’t know about this course, it is designed to teach you how to produce your own products and sell them on the internet. The course is very comprehensive as you will see if you follow my posts.


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