I sincerely hope the answer to this is no!

So you have made a plan and you are sticking to it like glue. This time I hope the answer is yes.

Your business plan can be the difference between success and failure. If you are not making, or do not make, a business plan then you are definitely planning to fail. Those with firm guidelines are the ones that are going to make a success of what they are doing whereas those who didn’t make a plan are likely to end up running around like headless chickens and blaming everyone but themselves for their lack of success.

I prefer not to use the word fail but rather rely on a quote by Thomas Edison – I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. So I never fail but very often I do find ways that won’t work. The more ways you find ways that won’t work the closer you are to finding what will work and of course success.

Are you being consistent in what you are doing? Being inconsistent is another way of finding what won’t work. If you are promising a weekly newsletter then make sure it is weekly. If you are maintaining a blog then again do it regularly. The more consistent you are the better your chances of success.

Perhaps you are like me and can be a great procrastinator rather than sticking to the job in hand. Learn to put any random thoughts that come into your head aside. Apply more concentration to avoid this happening. If like me you have an overactive mind then you will need to learn how to control the thoughts that channel through your mind. Keep a notepad and pen with you and just jot down things that come to mind before returning to your main task.

Another way of planning to fail is trying to get interested in something you are dispassionate about. Always try to work with something you are passionate about or at least something you want to learn about. Don’t try for the impossible and tackle something you have no interest in. You don’t want whatever you are doing to become a chore.

If you really want to become successful then don’t let others dictate your behaviour or what you should do. You need to be your own person and try and get those around you to support you in what you are doing. I know this may be hard as there are always peers of yours who think they know better than you. Yes, there are those occasions when they do, but then there are always some occasions when you are also correct.

Keep just one thought in mind. Your next project could be the one. Never give up and you can never fail, although it may take time before you start to do things in a successful manner!

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