Now is the time to give an honest answer to this question.

To do this just think about all the things you have done in the past and how many of these things you did to completion without any other influences affecting what you were doing.

I know I am easily led as I can find an excuse for not completing one thing before going out on a tangent and starting something new.

Of course, it is not always a tangent I go on but can be something completely different that has caught my eye. You know the shiny object syndrome that some, like me, find impossible to ignore.

But the grass is not always greener on the other side. New learning means getting involved in things you have never approached before. This takes a lot of your time and possibly energy as well. This, unknowingly to you at the time, puts the finished article further into the distance. Of course, before this gets to completion a new shiny object comes along and so the journey starts all over again.

Can you see a repetition here?

We are all led to a certain degree and our actions or inactions determines the path we will take.

If you are on the mailing lists of several people you will be getting conflicting ideas all the time. This is because not all marketers are finding the same success with the same marketing methods. One may find they are getting excellent results from email where another is not.

These marketers are all going to push what they find works the best for them and they are going to encourage you to use the methods they are using, especially if they are getting you to join something through their affiliate link, or to join a program they own.

There is of course another reason for you being easily led, and it is not one many people will admit too. I am talking about the unconscious fear of success. Your mind is working against you because you are not comfortable with change, and of course if you suddenly become successful things are going to change.

In this case, it is easier to start something new than risk change through success. In many people, this is something they do not recognize, but it is a well-documented fact that there are those who constantly fail because of the fear of success.

Laziness, procrastination, and many other reasons can all be hidden within the fear of success. Because this fear is not a conscious fear it is often discounted out of hand.

The only way to prove it to yourself one way or another is to finish a project and put it on the market for sale. Now we have the fear of failure to contend with as well.

You are never going to get anywhere unless you decide you are going to complete a project and try selling the finished article, whether it is a physical product, service or an e-product.

In conclusion, if you are confused by all the contradictory advice you receive then pick on one marketer and cancel the emails from the others. This will give you the time you need to concentrate on a specific system and follow it through to a good conclusion.

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