Why I Started

I have been dabbling on the internet since the 1990’s but nothing too serious as I had a wife who didn’t like me spending money on my hobby.

I was always being put down in one way or another. You know the type of thing, you’re worthless, or you will never make a success of anything, you start plenty of things but never finish them. After a while you tend to believe the things that are being said about you and to you. I suppose you can say you are brainwashed into believing what you are being told.

The turning point came for me when I left my wife, determined to make something of my life. I formed a friendship and eventually a relationship with a lady who did believe in me. (I hope I can prove her right). I as many others have had problems in the past, but these are slowly subsiding as I start believing in myself and where I am going again.

They say there is no place like home, well I am afraid I can say I don’t always believe that anymore. At one time my home life was my downfall, whereas now I see it as an asset.

I have spent a lot of time looking around at what is available  and sometimes trying programs out. I also started building my lists by using giveaways with some products I had picked up. I still participate in the giveaways but the majority I see that join the lists from these events are the free loaders and not the spenders. I think I have made less than $50 from these lists. This of course could be a combination of the products I am offering and the sales letters I am using.

One thing is for sure, although it is a lot cheaper to start an internet business rather than a bricks and mortar business it certainly isn’t free.

As the internet is now so crowded with those trying to make money from home it will certainly pay anybody to find themselves a mentor. This in itself can be an extremely expensive business so it is very important for you to hook up with someone who is making money on the internet from practising what they preach. There are many out there who would love you to sign you up as their mentee but beware there are also many who have never earned anything doing what they are teaching you. All their money has come from being a mentor or coach.

I hope this has helped you and if you get lost along the way you can always hook up with me.

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