Where Does The Time Go?

Here we are in September and I really don’t know how we got here quite so quickly. Is it just me or is time just whizzing by for everybody?

While I know I have had my distractions this year I really can’t account for what I have been doing for the last 8 months. Illness aside I am just lost with the speed this year has gone by with.

Have I reached any of my aspirations for this year yet? Sadly, no! My goals have been lost in the passage of time, so I will just have to readjust them for this year and try to catch up over the next  15 months.

What should I have done to stay on track? Well certainly a lot more than I did. Now I am back to feeling 100% I will have to make up what ground I can for the final 3 months if the year. I know that sounds like a tall order but we can’t just allow ourselves to fall at the first hurdle or any other hurdle come to that.

My mind is now back in focus. It did take a lot longer than I expected to get to this position, but I am glad I have got there now.

So now with renewed vigour I will attend to those things that have held me back over the past 10 months and catch up with all that work and training I promised myself I would do.

One of my big troubles is I just want to get on with it but past experience has taught me it is no good looking for shortcuts. So I will have to put my impatience to one side and go through things thoroughly so that I have a good understanding of them.

Although I have been using auto responders for years, apparently I haven’t been using them to their full capability and certainly not been getting the most out of them. There goes that impulsive know it all streak again. Another hurdle to overcome.

Take it from me you don’t know better than those that have been doing it successfully for years, no matter what it is. It is time to buckle down and let the experts lead me so as to do things the correct way.

That way it is possible that I won’t get quite so far behind in future.

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