What Is An Affiliate Marketer

The process involved in being an affiliate marketer has grown much easier as the years have gone by. The development of the internet has made things much easier than in the days of waiting for the postal service or if you were in a hurry the cost of telephone calls.

An affiliate marketer is akin to the travelling salesman in so much as he works on a commission only basis, but the modern affiliate does not have to incur the costs that were involved even 20 years ago.

No longer do you have to be the owner of a car to do the job. In fact these days you don’t even need a driving licence to do the job well. Your footprint is now bigger as you have the whole world at your fingertips, and the majority of the time you don’t even have to leave your house.

Why have things changed so much?

One of the reasons for this change is people have accepted e-products in the place of physical products where this is possible. There was a time that if you purchased a computer program you had several discs or DVD’s that you had to upload to your computer to get things going. Nowadays you are generally offered an immediate download of the program and have to pay extra if you want a hard copy of that program.

Now if you want certain e-products you get them almost instantaneously. You are up and running in a mater of minutes. No more waiting for the postman to deliver your program to you.

So straight away we can see some advantages the modern affiliate has over his counterpart of twenty or more years ago. You find an e-product you like the look of, you buy the product and test and use it and then you advertise it for sale on the internet.

Don’t like the part about buying the product! If you want to be sure of making money you have to sell reliable products. That is products that do what they say they will do. If you want to build up a good reputation then you will need to be putting your name behind the product.

If your buyers think it is a good product then they are more likely to rely on the information you give when you try selling further products. If you haven’t tried the product out yourself then it is no good complaining when your customers start asking for their money back. This will do your reputation no good whatsoever.

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