What Is A Blog?

Well to me a blog is a medium where I can allow others to pick up on my thoughts and work processes.

I give what I hope is useful information for others to pick up on. Now what is useful to one may not be of any use to another.

This is why there are so many blogs around. You can find a blog on practically any subject you care to mention

This blog is about my personal observations on a program I have joined to help me on the internet

The progam is Partnership to Success and I am getting weekly chunks of information via video and passing on my comments about my progress with this particular training series.

I have found through the trial and error process that I am unable to make it on the internet the way I was going, and so I have looked for a mentor to help my process and my blog is part of that process.

So to me a blog is a record of the progress I make with the help of my mentor’s training.

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