What A Quandary

So you have spent some money, (sometimes a great deal of money), and you are going through all the training or the setting up of your newest product.

After being told to switch off all distractions so you can concentrate on what you are doing you finally feel as if you are getting somewhere. Then you get an email from the person you bought the item from telling you where you should be t with the product and how you need to carry on to make money with the product.

So far all is fine. You have spent time studying the product and making sure you have got every thing set up as well as it should be. You are pleased with the way everything is progressing and the back up you are getting from the product owner.

a short amount of time passes by and you start getting emails from the owner of the product you are using telling you of something you can buy to improve the results you are getting from their product.

So far still okay because you are just enhancing the product you are already using or selling. You are getting impressed with the way you are being treated and the help you are getting.

A new email arrives and this time it is promoting a new product that you are being encouraged to purchase. Now you trust the person selling the product and so you but it. While you are still learning about the first product you have bought you are also trying to learn about the new product.

As a relative newbie to the industry and to internet marketing you are just obediently following what your now mentor is telling you. You had success with the first product and you are going to have success with the second product.

Now this is where the quandary lies. You can no longer study the new product and ignore everything else as you are still building your business with the first product! So what do I do? Okay it is a rhetorical question.

Perhaps it is time that some of the more experienced marketers out there started to realise that we don’t all learn at the same rate. Although we want to build our business as quickly as we can, we may not be able to take on a new product every couple of weeks or so.

Some of us may not feel able to take on a new product for several months, but your mentor is going to be mailing you offers on a weekly and in some cases daily basis.

Now is the time for you to take control of your destiny. You can end up doing a good job with just a couple of products until you gain in experience, or you can take on several jobs and end up doing a mediocre job or worse a bad job of promoting them.

Sometimes I think some of the so called gurus or mentors should sit back and allow you to get on with things at your own pace. They sometimes need to think of when they were starting out and how complicated some things could be.

Yes we all need to make money and we all need to build our reputation, but we can’t all do that in just a couple of months!!

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