Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

Perhaps for you everything runs smoothly or at least a  lot smoother than it has been for  me recently.

One of the reasons I am keeping this blog is to show that even when things don’t go as smoothly as planned there is no need to give up. No mater what the problems that occur are they are rarely insurmountable. It just takes determination on your part.

Oh yes it is very easy to say ‘I won’t bother anymore’ or ‘I give up’ but who is to say if you do that will ever get anywhere in life. If you are a defeatist then I suggest you give up any plans of running your own business now because even an internet business needs your dedication and support

These problems are sent to try us and try us they do, but we must learn to overcome them. Take me for example although I am well behind where I should be and would like to beI am battling on and slowly making progress.

To me it does seem as though as soon as I make some progress another little problem rears its ugly head to impede me in what I am doing. In this situation it is also easy to start procrastinating as well. Experience has taught me to bypass that or nothing ever gets done.

So where am I with my training?

I am doing one of the things that I generally don’t like and that is research. To me research is boring but it is a necessity if good progress is to be made in any subject. Even if you think you know your business very well there is always someone who will put a seed in your head to germinate and get you thinking sometimes on a completely different track.

We all have our own Ideas on some things, but you also need to read what others have to write or say about it. So I am doing what to me is a necessary evil – the one called research.

Now under normal circumstances I should be able to do this in a few days, but unfortunately at the moment my circumstances are anything but normal so I am only managing to do a little research every other day. By doing this I reckon on taking 4 to 5 weeks to complete the research in enough depth to make it worth the effort. This should have only taken me a week to complete.

Anyway I have taken a break to write this post and now I must get back to the serious work of research. I will update you all soon.

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