Trying To Learn And Finding It Hard

There is so much to learn on the internet.

The best way for me is to do a little everyday, or even two or three times a day.

I need to learn it all so I can move forward with confidence and not have to waste time trying to look up things I have done previously.

I need time to digest the information I have been getting before trying to take on something new.

I know some people to take on several things at a a time but I can’t, so while it may take me a little longer I will know what I have learned.

Learning is a personal thing and you should know the best pace for you and the best way for you to learn something. Some people need to write things down while others just need to be told or read what they are trying to learn.

Whichever way you choose is the right way! That’s because it is the right way for you to learn about something.

Sometimes you don’t learn because you don’t understand. This is the point at which you should be asking for help. Perhaps you don’t understand the way it is being put across to you, or perhaps there is a language difficulty. No matter why there is a problem you need to sort out the cause before you go on to do anymore.

I would start by looking for a forum dealing with the subject you are having difficulty with. There is usually someone there that can help you.

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