Still Working In The Kitchen

As time slips by and my internet marketing is almost at a standstill I am thinking of my upcoming  holiday. In less than 3 weeks I will be cruising around the  Spanish ports of Andalucía and taking what is now promising to be a well earned rest.

The work in the kitchen is for me hard, (I am not a trained chef), as I am no spring chicken anymore. When I retired from my ‘normal full time job’ I did not envisage working the hours I am to get food out for the customers and club members. Although I sometimes enjoy it I do find it tiring as well, but what annoys me most is the time I am losing on my internet marketing.

 I can already hear you saying then why do it? I don’t like letting people down and in the kitchen I am helping others whereas on my marketing initially I am only helping me. I am not the type of person that puts me first and so I feel obliged to help out where I can.

So now I hear stop bitching about it then. I am not bitching or complaining about it, but I am explaining that things don’t always go the way you originally planned and to keep on track you sometime find yourself being side tracked. The idea is not to give up or give in when you are side tracked but to carry on the best you can until things improve.

Will I be able to make up time during my holiday? Personally I doubt it as I will need to rest and so I will be taking a 3 week break from my training and everything else.  Some times a complete break from routine and work can boost you to new heights , so I am hoping to come back from my holiday a new man!

Perhaps I will write a few articles while I am cruising and publish them when I get home. I may even venture into looking at something completely new while I am away.  Perhaps I will find a new hobby, (as if I didn’t have enough to do already) or I may even resurrect an old hobby during my cruise.

I have said before that all work and no play brings on boredom so I intend to play and play hard during my holiday. For me cruising is a first so it will be very interesting to see how I get on with it. If I like it who knows it could spur me on a great deal so as to improve my income to allow for more cruises.

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