Still Researching

Here we are in October already and I for one haven’t done anywhere near half of the projects I had outlined for myself at the beginning of the year. I wonder how some of you are getting on.. I think this year for me has proven to be trying to say the least.

In October last year I signed up for the Partnership 2 Success program and so far due to ill health and other pressing problems have only managed to get to week 11. So I have to mark that one down as a massive failure for this year, but I haven’t given up on this project, it has just going to take a lot longer than I first envisaged to get it completed.

As I said before I am on my least favorite but one of the most important  cycles of any project. that is the research required to complete the start of any project.

I am still on the research cycle because I want to make sure I cover it thoroughly before I move on. This is one part of the project that I don’t want to have to come back to at a later time, and the best way I know of accomplishing that is to make sure I have covered it completely in the first place.

For me the research means checking everything to do with the subject from every conceivable angle. this includes purchasing products of other marketers on the subject I am studying and researching all the different views that I can find on the subject.

The deeper you cover this part of your project the more complete your final copy can be. Sometimes you will come across opposing opinions in which it will be your job to put the most convincing argument for the view that you think is the best or most complete on the subject.

It really doesn’t matter what you think in some respects as you will always find someone with a counter argument on the subject but if you can put forward the most complete information then you will always hold the upper hand in the argument.

So make sure your research is done with complete impartiality. This will give your views the better significance when your readers start to try to pull them apart. Make yourself the ‘authority’ to come to on the subject matter.

Whatever you do make sure that no other persons work is copied when completing your work. Take a rounded view and put forward the facts as to why others should do as you suggest.

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