Once More Delays Overtake Me

Having sorted out a new chef I thought I was back to plain sailing and getting on with my research. But no! The new chef decided he didn’t want the job and almost 4 hours after his start time he texted me the news.

Oh well the couple of days I was going to spend with him getting used to where things are etc have turned back into weeks of me being in the kitchen again. The way things are going I might as well give up all my internet activities and go full time in the kitchen!

OK enough of my troubles and down to the serious business of building up a business on the internet. As you can see from my past posts I am not having a clear run with all the new learning I am doing, but I will have to try and make the most of the time I have got. So if you are not having an easy ride when it comes to your internet business just follow my posts.

First you have to learn to override any negativity you are getting. It doesn’t matter if this is self induced or friends and family telling you that you’re wasting your time. If you believe and I do mean if you truly believe in what you are doing then stopping now is not and should not be part of the plan.

Yes I know when everyone is against you but you are sure in your own mind you can make a success of whatever you are doing then I say follow your own mind and put all your effort into your new business venture even when others are against the idea. You have got to do it to be able to either prove them wrong or prove them right.

If you were to walk away then you will be wondering for the rest of your life if you could have made a success and ended up a lot wealthier. Of course if you are just a dreamer and not serious about what you are doing then by all means give it up NOW.

If you are made of sterner stuff then you will just shrug off any objections and carry on anyway, and in all probability, be all the more determined to make a go of it even if just to prove to all the doubters wrong.

Yes I go through negative patches that sometimes make me wonder if I am wasting my time, but if I do give up now I will never know the true answer. I will just label myself as a quitter.

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