My New Day 2

Yes I know if you are visiting my blog for the first time it may seem confusing. Hopefully if you read the post from 13 July it may help you make some sense of it.

So during my new day 2 I carried on revising the first week of the program. I am determined this time not to try and do too much at once and make myself ill again.

Do you know I find it extremely annoying when I go over things again and find there are some important details that I did not follow or cannot remember reading about.

Perhaps by going over everything again I am actually going to have a deeper understanding of what I am doing and what should be happening with the training. It looks like I am learning a valuable lesson already. Don’t just go over things once or twice, but keep going over it until you really understand it. It is possible if not probable that my lethargy and procrastination came from my failure to completely comprehend what I was doing and why I was doing it.

I am certainly a lot more excited and confident about where I am going in the future and how I am going to get there.

I am at the end of my week 1 revision. What I here you say. I thought you were going to take it easy. I have been taking it very easy but as most of week 1 is concerned with obtaining a domain name, hosting, uploading WordPress and getting it ready to use, these tasks were already done, and so it was just revision and checking my WordPress settings and writing some posts for my blog.

Oh well tomorrow is another day.


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