My First Post Again?

Although this is not my original first post it is the first post since January this year.

After suffering an illness, and  combining this with lethargy and procrastination for me things stood still. I thought in January I was over the worst of it but unfortunately that was not the case.

Here I am 7 months later hopefully fully recovered and getting back to the business of trying to make money on the internet.

To be fair to both myself and John and his program I am starting the whole business from the beginning again. Of course this means I am several months behind where I should be at this time and I may be able to catch up by doing more than 1 weeks training in a week.

The six  weeks or so  should go reasonably well for me as it is going to be a matter of revisiting what I learnt all those months ago, although I am not sure how much of it was really retained.

Why am I putting this on my blog?

Well I am sure I am not the only person on the planet that has signed up to Partnership2Success and then suffered a setback or two. Whether this is through illness, procrastination or plain lethargy I aim to prove the cycle can be broken.

Just because I did not or will not finish the course in my original timescale of 1 year there is no reason why I cannot take full advantage of the money spent on the course and still complete it to my and anybody else’s satisfaction.

If you are having problems with health, lethargy and/or procrastination then why not link up with me. Perhaps we can offer each other advice and make sure we progress to successful internet marketers.

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