Make Sure You Pay Attention

Ok so you have purchased the product and you want to start making money with it. What are you going to do? How are you going to do it?

Both these questions need to be addressed! Has the product that you have purchased got any training with it? If it has start reading/viewing or listening to it thoroughly.

Yes I know you want to be making money with your product.  What I would ask you is do you want sales to dribble in over years or would you like many sales?

If you are like me then the answer would be many sales.

Now is the time to turn to all the media you have received with the product you have purchased. What ever there is make sure you cover all of the training thoroughly. This is one of the points where you can change from being a loser into being a winner.

If you have a sales page then read and understand it. If you have a sales letter that has been used by the author of the product successfully then use it. If you think you are a better copywriter than the writer of the sales page then I suggest you do a split test with your copy against the original copy.

Remember  just now I said about understanding the training thoroughly. This is where you need to start if you intend attempting to write your own sales letter. Look at the original sales letter and then using your knowledge of the product see if you can better what is already written.

You may pick up on something that you think the original author overlooked. You never know it may have been missed out on purpose, but if you think that point is more important than others that are listed in the sales letter then use it.

Any copywriter can only write about something with the given information. Perhaps the product owner did not think the point you have picked up on to be important enough to pass it on to the copywriter.

No matter what has been written before there is always the unlikely possibility that you can better it.

If you are not an expert copywriter but still want to write your own sales letter, or perhaps you have a product that does not have a sales letter then I suggest you try this program to enhance your skills.

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