Look At What You Are Buying

After looking at my expenditure recently, I have been looking over some of the purchases. Some are good and some not so good, but the bigger problem is even if I only stick with the good purchases there are not enough  hours in the day to do the training that comes with each purchase.

Problem 1 is to look for the most time sensitive purchases and work with them first. So for example I have a product that is coming off the market very soon so I have to look at the probabilities of completing the training and being able to advertise the product before it is too late.

If the training is not too intensive then I will follow this product through to fruition and hopefully see a return on my initial outlay. If the training is too intensive then I will have to look at the next time sensitive product and come back to this product later.

All products have a shelf life which can be very short on initial release. This is because of the number of affiliates promoting the product, the market can quickly saturate, but knowing there are always new people coming on to the internet you should in a few weeks time be able to re-release the product to a new audience.

What should you be learning from this? For a start you should be learning it is no good spending money on products if you are not going to have time to promote them properly.

When you become more experienced you may be able to cope with 2 or 3 products being advertised but in the early days you are not going to have a large enough list, or even lists going to different product types, (e.g. 1 list in health and 1 list in online marketing), to warrant promoting more than one product at a time.

As the money is in the list you should always be looking at ways of increasing your list. If you are active in more than area then make separate lists for the differing areas.

But I digress, back to the problem in hand. I have purchased far too many programs to be able to make good use of them at this moment. I have looked at time sensitive programs that need to go out straight away, so now I need to look to see if I have any evergreen programs. This can be a problem on the internet because everything changes so rapidly.

I find a couple of programs that have stood the test of time and although I may have to tweak the training for them a little these can be put on the back burner and used in the near future.

A major problem is averted until I start buying again!!!

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