Keeping The Training Going

It is very easy to start off with good intentions and then just let the course you have paid for go by the wayside. You are the only one who can keep the training on the straight and narrow.

I know it is easy to swap for something newer and shinier. The sales letter was so good you just couldn’t resist the temptation. And it promised you untold wealth a lot quicker than the course you are currently studying.

Well you have just fallen for one of the oldest tricks in the book. The author of the sales letter did an excellent job and now you have two pieces of information to learn and put into practice.

Ok it is time to stop right there.

You are now in the trap and you have to see which of the two pieces is the more time sensitive. That is the one you have to get started with first.

Personally I would suggest you remove yourself from all mailing lists until such time as you have finished your course. That way the temptation is not so likely to arise, although you may still be getting emails from your original course with details of something new.

Try to ignore these lovely new ideas and stick with completing the training you already have first. Once you have your list up and running you will be sending out emails of all those things that will get you affiliate commissions.

When you do this don’t expect people to sign up for more than one thing at a time. Although you may now be adept at several different methods of doing things your newbie’s are not going to be in the same boat.

Give them a chance to learn one thing at a time. Once they have purchased a product put them on a separate list. Send them good information that links in with the product they have purchased, but do not overload them to the extent where they think the only way forward is to give up completely.

It is very easy to put potential customers off with information overload. Don’t be one of those who just wants to screw someone for everything they can get. If you want to keep customers returning then feed them with information that is compatible with the product they have already purchased.

After allowing a reasonable time for your customers to digest the information you have sold and given to them, then you can move on to a new and different product.

I have come across many marketers who do not give you a chance to complete the course you have purchased before trying to get you to commit to yet another new course. If you have a course that is supposed to last for a year then you need to have the time to study that course. This is one of the reasons that you need to be operating more than one list.

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