Keeping on Track

I have found the work I have been doing on my course this week to be very interesting.

One of the things I have been dreading is the research part of the course work. I have heard and seen so many different research methods now that I was beginning to wonder if there was an easier way than I had been told in the past.

Well BINGO!!! Not only is the way I am now learning easier but it is also enjoyable.  What a difference it can make when you are enjoying doing it.

Like everything I have come across on the internet so far there are very many ways of doing things. Sometimes it seems to be a confusing mess, while at other times the same things are perfectly clear.

I suppose it is just the way some people explain things. Some are as clear as day while others are as clear as mud! I am not sure if it is me or those trying to explain the things I find problems with. I expect those who are explaining them can understand what they mean, but it is not always that straight forward to the reader or listener.

Now this will always be a problem because of the many different ways there are of explaining the same thing. One of the main differences between a good teacher and a bad teacher is that the good teacher can change the way they teach to meet the ability of those they are teaching whereby the bad teacher teaches the one way irrespective of the pupil ability.

So is it any wonder that I sometimes have difficulty understanding some of the explanations I hear about different aspects of internet marketing. I know where you are writing a book or holding a webinar it is easier to keep to the script, and with a book you have no choice, but you need to leave a way for your readers or listeners to contact you if there is something they don’t understand.

This is good if you are actually contacting the original author and they have a good grasp of the subject they are teaching, but what about all this PLR that is around that anyone can put their name to? Not everyone who rehashes the PLR is going to have an in depth knowledge of the subject they are writing about.

In this situation you may end up being further confused when the person with only a little knowledge of the subject goes into a lengthy and often wrong description of what they thought the original author meant.

This is not to say don’t use PLR but at least when you are using it get a reasonable knowledge of the subject before you rehash it.

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