Internet Marketing?

Here we are at the start of another busy week. Time to do just a little marketing and planning while outside influences take control of part of my life.

Ignore the outside influences I here you cry. That is often a lot easier said than done, especially when you end up letting down many people just  to further your own interests. Sorry this is one I cannot do.

Anyway rant over and down to business!

As we all know when we attempt to be internet marketers it is not as easy or quick as we are led to believe by some of the old time so called gurus.

I remember reading about people who only spent an hour a day to make a fortune. I think this is highly unlikely today especially when you are first starting out.

Which way do we turn? What do we do first? Should we complete all the studies we need to do before starting to do anything or should we slowly build it up, using the knowledge we have and as we gain it.

The answers are as many as the questions. For every person who tells you to do the studying first you will have many who will tell you they learned as they went.

It is the old chicken and egg routine. A will tell you that email marketing is the best way to go while B will tell you to use Facebook advertising. And while this is being argued over you are losing valuable time. There is one commodity that you can never get back and that is time!

Of course now C will come on the scene to tell you he makes all his money from Traffic exchange marketing and D will tell you to use safelists.

All of these commodities have their uses and it is up to you to decide which ones are the best fit for you.

There is one thing that everybody seems to agree on and that is you need to make a list. A list of responsive potential customers. you note I say responsive. This is because it depends what system you use to build your list.

If you start out as I did using JV giveaways you will build a list of many freeloaders and hangers on. They will sign up for your freebie, but that is the last you will here of them until your next freebie.

Beware of just list building to get numbers. It is the quality of your list that will keep you in profit.

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