If Only I had More Time

I have suddenly found myself in the sort of predicament that I was not expecting. Being on the committee of a local club I found my services were required on a far too frequent basis when we lost the club cook.

As a consequence of this my internet marketing is almost at  standstill and probably will be for a little while yet.

What can I do about it?

I am doing a little marketing when I get the time and can stay awake long enough. This is another of those situations where a good back up plan would have been very useful.

The marketing that I do with my auto responder is still well in hand, but I do have to admit to a little bit of stress in getting my other marketing together. I often take part in JV giveaways and my main concern with these is having the latest products that I canto be available for my potential clients.

As I make my way through the products I have available I am looking at not being so up to date as I would like but I am still giving perceived value to those who sign up to the events I take part in.

Some things have to sometimes be put on the back burner to allow more important things to progress! We all like to give the best possible value to our potential customers don’t we?

I know I had a couple of products ready to promote when the crunch came but as it is going on longer than expected I am beginning to see some holes appearing in my best laid plans.

Oh well! I will have to rethink my whole theory before another storm or disaster strikes. I have learned from this that even though you think you have set yourself up to cover these eventualities there is always something that you could have done better.

I know I have a holiday coming up soon and I was all ready for that or so I thought. This latest experience is showing me that either my preparations were not good enough or I had the whole theory of how things were working totally wrong. Perhaps it is a little of each.

I will certainly not be letting this affect me too much, but rather get even more determined to get back on track as soon as possible.

Of course you can envisage what could go wrong when you can’t keep up with the marketing, but it is only when it happens you find the real truth. Anyway I will battle on and I wish you all happy and successful marketing

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