I Must Keep Going

Why? Well I owe it to myself and also to all those that helped with the training I am using. It must be just as disheartening for those that prepare all the training to see their trainees falling by the wayside.

I know they may not care as they have got what they want out of me. That is the money I have paid for the course, but to me it would be a defeatist attitude to allow myself to not try harder now I am back to a better place than I was a couple of months ago.

Let’s face it, if you want to see success then the hurdles that crop up have to be overcome in one way or another. While I have friends and family backing me and my ideals then I will move forward and turn what could have been a financial disaster into a success.

There are many reasons you can leave a project and not bother to go back to it. Now I have regained my health I must prove to myself even if to no-one else that this project can be completed.

Perhaps there are others like me out there that can easily get despondent but if there are then they need to start going again. We are all here for a reason and as far as I am concerned my reason is to help others where and when I can but also to prove to myself that I can go forward and do things the right way.

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