How I Started

When I was looking for an interesting internet business I came across John Thornhill among others. After attending a webinar I decided to go with what I had been listening to and started following all the advice I was being given.

Am I going to get rich from building a blog was my first thought as I started the training. Well I am taking advice from someone who has succeeded doing this so there is no one better to follow.

As I am getting into the course I am learning why some blogs don’t do well, where others appear to be off the scale.

Yes if you want a good blog and you haven’t got the design skills to make your own templates then the only way to go is to buy some templates or even go to one of the companies like OptimizePress.

I found it is no good just following the lessons, but where there are suggestions for other reading they need to be followed. If like me you are impatient then you will find yourself lagging behind if you are not taking in all the information that is offered.

All that additional information gives you a much stronger background into what you are doing and more importantly why you are doing it. We all learn by our mistakes and some mistakes are a lot more expensive and time consuming than others.

One important point that I have found is do not try and follow more than 1 internet marketing course at a time. As everyone has different programs and ideas you will only get confused. Buy 1 program and stick with it. If the program you have purchased came from someone you know is making their living on line then  follow that person and that person alone until you have firmly grasped how things are done.

It is very easy to think you can follow two different marketing courses at the same time, but when the two course go their separate ways to get to the same end point then that is where the confusion can set in. Yes I am talking from experience.

All the marketers that have got to the top in their trade have not all gone about it in the same way. there is nothing more disappointing than following two or more courses and ending up thinking why did I spend that money to end up with nothing. Sorry but you only have yourself to blame!

So even if you have information or courses from more than one leader in the business, please put one aside and complete just one to fruition. Once you have completed that training to your satisfaction then you can look at the other training you have and try the systems suggested by that guru as well.

Think about how much you can take in at a time and how many different ways you can work without getting confused.

Remember a bad workman always blames his tools or in this case his teachers!!!

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