How Hectic Can It Get

If you, like me have collected many programs and eBooks over time then you may know what I am talking about.

Many people have collected items that they thought would be useful and have left them to rot on their hard drive.

If you have not done this then take my advice and don’t start doing it. When I think of the thousands of dollars I have spent on different things over the past years it make me wonder if I would have been better off never starting this internet lark.

But then again I suppose I have had enjoyment out of what I have done even is the earnings have been meager. A few days back I started to list some of the programs I had on my computer along with some of the websites I try to operate. When I looked down the list I would need each day to be at least 48 hours long if I were to do them all justice.

Unfortunately when you get to this state the idea of quitting rears its ugly head. Well heck no I am not going to quit this time. So if quitting is out of the question then the next question is where do I go from here.

I suppose I need to look at all the items I have purchased and decide why they didn’t work for me when I first purchased them.  Well a couple of them are obvious as I went through a period of illness and nothing got touched. Some more were down to laziness or just pure procrastination.

Yes procrastination the bane of many peoples lives. They start out with good intentions and then they get sidetracked  often by what seems to be a better offer. But of course that does last because an even better offer comes along and so while thinking about this new offer and what it could mean to you and your family the previous commitment gets lost.

And how long does this new offer last? Well just until a better offer come along. So now we are on the treadmill towards disaster. Spending more and more money on projects that it is impossible to keep up with.


It is time to look at what you are doing and where you want to be going. You probably have enough on your computer to keep you going for the rest of your life. The time has come to make use of what you already have. I must go back to my list and start prioritizing what I already have and how I am going to use it.

Now this can be time consuming especially if you have had information from more than one guru. Why? well they all have there own ways of doing things. What works for one may not work for another. Stick to one method and complete a project. If it doesn’t do as well as you were expecting then try the information from one of the other gurus. But again stick with it and complete the project you have set yourself.

If you don’t start to sort yourself out you will end up in a perpetual cycle doing lots and getting nowhere.

I hope this helps you back onto the right path and wish you every success in your endeavors.

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