Get Yourself A Backup Plan

Sometimes things don’t  go as you had once planned. This is where a backup plan has to come into play.

What you have no backup plan. Don’t worry neither did I.

That is why there has been a delay in my blog reports. I found things that had to be done irrespective of what I wanted to do. You start planning things and then all of a sudden something creeps out of the woodwork to put all your plans in disarray.

When this happens you need a backup plan or if you haven’t got one you need to think on your feet. Sometimes you may find yourself without an internet connection or unable to do what you usually do through illness or even having extra paid or volunteer work to do.

So what can you do in this situation. Well you could panic! Or perhaps you can take it in your stride. I have been doing a little volunteer work recently when the tables turned and all of a sudden I found myself doing 12hours a day labour. As I am, as many will tell you, past my use by date this number of hours of hard work takes its toll on my body and I am forced to sleep more.

So now all my marketing is on hold because I didn’t have the back up plan to cover this situation. I am writing this as I prepare to get some sleep before an early start tomorrow. As I am unlikely to be in a better position in the near future I have had to make some decisions that do not make me to happy.

My marketing has come to a standstill – I am just to tired to do anything with it. When I get any time to myself, I will do what I can, but because I didn’t have a backup plan I am losing money.

As soon as I get my life back again I will be looking at making sure this cannot affect me in this way again. I will make sure I have some articles ready to be uploaded to my blogs. I will also put into place more emails in my autoresponder series.

I suppose I thought something like this would not happen again so quickly after my last illness. I  must get a lot more done to prepare for any future unexpected problems. I suppose I can be quite lazy at times, too laid back until it is too late. Procrastination is the root of all evil. It is not as you may have been told repeatedly money that is the root of all evil.

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