Fighting On

Not such good news on the health front again, but battling on anyway. Most things I can put up with but pain is something that gets me every time.

Unfortunately the research that I was hoping to complete by the end of last week is still ongoing. This is mainly due to a complete lack of concentration due to the pain and the tablets I am on.

It looks like the research will be a couple more weeks now. I know it is important and I cannot afford not to do it properly. .The research is what is going to tell me whether I have picked a good subject matter or not. If I find at the end it is not too good then I will have to start researching something else.

While this all takes time, (a lot more than I was expecting), I want my project to be the best and the one that people are going to want to buy so I need to get it right before I continue any further. I will have to see if I can make some time up as I progress, but I don’t want to get caught up in shortcuts that end up taking longer than if it was done correctly first time.

Every one seems to think that time is money, but I fell doing something right first time is far more important and should lead to bigger and better sales. As I am retired I have all the time I want to complete my project although sooner would also be a benefit to me and my family.

Although I dislike research intently I do understand that it for me is a necessary evil. I hear others say they love the research part of the job so everyone is different in this respect. Research can be simply looking at the work of others and taking notes or if you want to go much deeper into a subject than it can take a lot of work at the local library.

I suppose I am like a lot of people who will take a new product out of the box and try to use it. When it doesn’t work the way you think it should then you read the instructions. Does that sound familiar to you? So I prefer to do something rather than read about it or how to do it. This is probably why I find research so hard. Anyway time to hit the books and the internet again before the pain kicks back in.

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