Back At Work

After several weeks of illness I now feel ready to re-commence the work I had started last year. Today I went over the course work that I had already done so I was up to date with everything. To me nothing has changed except the fact I am several weeks behind where I was hoping to be by now.

Perhaps I was being a little too optimistic in thinking I could get straight back in and study several hours a day and take it all in.

The general tiredness I have been feeling over the last couple of days is beginning to subside, but I am going to have to take it a little bit easier than I was hoping to ensure a good return to health as quickly as possible.

My advice to anyone who has been laid low for more than a couple of weeks is not to try and overdo things straight away like I have. Not wanting to go back to those dark places I have been recently has made me slow down considerably more than I wanted.

Perhaps my illness was for the better in some respects. I hope I am coming out of it a better person. My partner has had to put up with a lot recently and hopefully I am being much less a drain on her then I was.

Work is a good thing when taken in moderation!! I will be taking it in moderation from now on. Unfortunately as you get older things take longer to heal and it does take longer to get back to full health.

I now have a new work and play schedule and my aim is to catch up with the coursework I am behind with by competing two weeks work each week rather than the four I was aiming at.


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