All Work and No Play

As I battle with my day job I am trying, sometimes not too successfully, to keep up with my internet studies as well.

Hence the title to this piece as I am working all the time either at my online activities or at my current day job.

As I want to make sure that I succeed with my internet training then the only way I can win is by working/studying as many hours as possible.

What message should you be picking up from this?

Working on the internet is not something to be taken lightly, especially if you want to be successful at it. It may mean putting in some extra effort when you least feel like it, so to keep your dreams alive.

In the past when I had a full time job of work I would often not put in the extra effort or do the extra work so I am well behind where I would like to be, but I need to keep going.

We all come across these little things that send us off the course we are trying to follow. Those that are going to be successful are the ones that manage to overcome these problems. The thing to do is just adjust your training schedule so as to take into effect the problems you are facing.

By the same token it is no good running yourself into the ground. If you have to extend your schedule then so be it. If the new schedule is still too strenuous then readjust it again. You may have to think about your priorities and even reprioritise some of what you are doing.

If you are still in full time employment and you need that wage then you must keep that as your priority. It is then up to you to pick which way you are going to learn about your internet endeavours. There are many training courses available and you need to put all your effort into learning one thing at a time.

In depth learning will give you a far better grounding in your new skill than just skimming through a course and not really understanding it. If you are going to be successful then you need to be able to convince people you know what you are talking about and be able to back it up by doing it.

Don’t just be one of those who talks the talk but walk the walk as well.

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