All Play And No Work

A strange title? Let me explain!

A while ago I wrote a post all work and no play. I explained the work I was doing was interfering with my internet marketing and as a consequence I had no rest time.

Due to a recent illness I was unsure if I would be able to go on a planned holiday. In fact I had booked and paid for a 14 day cruise. I was due to leave my home at 6am on Friday. I was not given the all clear by my doctor until 5pm on Thursday. As the pain killers I was taking were now almost controlling the pain I decided to get packed and go on holiday.

I also decided whether rightly or wrongly, (only time will tell), that this holiday was going to be a complete break, including a break from connecting to the internet in any way. This was partly also due to the exorbitant fees the cruise ship I was travelling on was charging for internet access and partly due to the fact i felt i needed complete rest for a couple of weeks.

Now I left home on Friday 20 October to make my way to Southampton to board the ship. I was doing this knowing that a storm, (Storm Brian), was approaching the South of the UK. when I reached Southampton I was greeted by the news that our schedule had been changed due to the impending storm, and another storm behind this one was also likely to have an effect on our journey.

We left Southampton docks at 5pm and steamed for Honfleur, France. Originally we were supposed to be making straight for Spain but the Captain in his wisdom had decided we Should cross the English Channel and seek respite in the French port of Honfleur. Our trip across the channel was certainly not smooth, but at least we were on our way.

Honfleur is a beautiful town on the north French coast and we spent some time in the Town looking around and taking refreshment in a local cafe. The weather on this Saturday was bright and sunny and you wouldn’t have thought we were sheltering from a storm.

On Sunday it became a lot more windy and the rain set in. we now had force 8 winds and we were about to start out to cross the Bay of Biscay a particularly well known area of stormy seas and weather. Before we set sail the Captain did explain to us that we were going to cross the Bay of Biscay on the tail of one storm with another storm approaching. The sea swell was likely to be 4 meters (13 feet) and so we could expect a rather bumpy ride.

Well bumpy it certainly was. I didn’t realise at first that the more you paid for your cabin the higher in the ship you were and so got a less comfortable ride than those on the lower and cheaper decks. I suppose the only logical way to look at it was that I had a fairground ride for several hours without having to pay extra.

As we entered warmer climes I noticed the pain subsiding and so cut down on my pain killers until I reached a point of not taking any and not having any discomfort. I was now beginning to relax as we spent 3 days at sea heading for Cadiz in Spain. The winds had now dropped to force 2 and the ride was more comfortable than it had been. After spending the day in Cadiz we steamed to Malaga overnight.

After a day in Malaga again we steamed towards Seville overnight entering the Guadalquiver  during the morning. We were now in a river and had some nice scenery to look  at as we steamed towards Seville. As we were on a small ship with a shallow draught we were able to steam up the river and into the town of Seville.

After spending the night and following morning in Seville we steamed back down the river and spent the next day at sea steaming towards Vigo in Northern Spain. In the early evening we started to steam towards La Coruna in northern Spain. Already we could feel a change in the temperature as we headed north.  La Coruna was our final stop before going back across the Bay of Biscay and heading toward a cold and dismal England.

So after 2 weeks of total rest how was I feeling. Well I had no pain so the damage in my back had been rectified. I was feeling totally rested and ready to start to get back to work on the internet.

Had my decision to not do any work on the internet been the right one? I feel it was. Although I missed 2 more weeks of training I feel more refreshed than I have done in a long time. My decision to do nothing for 2 weeks had a positive outcome on my wellbeing and providing I am able to work more efficiently than I was before my holiday then I made the right decision.

Feel free to comment and even disagree with what I have said. After all it is just my opinion, but there again I know how much better I am feeling now.


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