Affiliate Marketing

I have discussed how much easier it is for the affiliate marketer today than it was 20 or more years ago. Today I am going to look a little bit at the why it is easier.

20 or 30 years ago when I wanted to sell something I had three main methods of gaining sales. I could use the telephone and speak to people who may be interested in what I was selling. If interest was shown then I would make an appointment to go and see my prospective customer. (More of this later)

I could send out a mail shot and wait for the calls to come pouring in, or I could go out and door knock to gain some interest.

Now these all worked to a certain extent. You just had to hope and pray you had a ‘hot’ product to sell.

As you can see already, a lot of my time was spent travelling from one prospect to another. You could go days and even weeks without a sale and all the time it would be costing you money to try and get those sales.

Not only that but you were restricted on how far you could travel on a daily basis. Hence the term travelling salesman.

Enter the internet. Now I can get up, have some breakfast and a cup of hot coffee and mail thousands of prospects for very little cost. While that mailing is going out I can scan my inbox for sales and for requests from customers or potential customers.

If I am unlucky I may have to use my phone although as I use Skype for most of my business calls it works out a lot cheaper than it was all those years ago.

If the problem can’t be dealt with over the phone then I always have webinars that I can use to have face to face conversations with clients and potential clients. Maybe someone has purchased an e-product and can’t set it up. We now have the technology whereby I can, (with the clients knowledge and consent), take control of his computer and help him set it up.

Sometimes it is sufficient for them to just watch me setting a product up on my computer for them to grasp what they are missing out or doing wrong. Of course it is not always the customer who is at fault. Some corruption could have taken place with the software but this is then easily sorted out and a new copy of the program downloaded.

Years ago I would have had to get in my car and driven to the client to sort the problem out.

Marketing today is so much easier and cheaper.

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