I left school at 15 1/2 and joined the army as a boy soldier. I spent 3 years on my apprenticeship and a further 12 years service before leaving the forces in 1974.

I went on to be a field service engineer in the entertainment industry working on Juke boxes, fruit machines pin tables and pool tables. I did this for many years before changing direction completely and becoming a driving instructor. After this I spent the last 12 years of my working life as a Driving Examiner. After retirement I found  I had some spare time on my hands and started looking seriously at the opportunities on the internet

I had been dabbling on the internet since the late 90’s but never got too serious about it.

Since retirement I have decided I would like to earn some more money so I can live a more extravagant life and really have no money worries at all.

Follow my journey while I try to make money using the internet as my vehicle.